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NEW & SPECIAL NEED...prison librarians have voiced that they would like to have your OLD telephone books.

The prison librarian can use telephone books from all over the USA, since they are often asked for numbers or addresses of business, etc. The librarians have told us that they do not give the prisoners access to the phone books, rather look up the information for them.

If you live for example in California, it may be extremely helpful for a prison in New York to have your phone directory once you are finished with it. The librarians have a hard time collecting telephone directories from out of their area or state, so we are asking you to HELP RECYCLE these used phone books and help a prisoner!

Be sure to mail your directories at the special LOWER BOOK RATE! Some post offices even COLLECT used directories. Why not send SEVERAL to various prisons!?! Thank you for your help and caring about prisoners.


Dear Visitors, We are now at over 12,000 books and magazines that have been donated to our site for prisoners! THANK YOU to everyone that has sent their books and magazines to our office OR to the prisoners! We are no longer accepting books at our office due to the high cost of re-mailing to prisons.

Send your books and magazines DIRECT to prison libraries.

Mark your package "Attention Librarian"

We are no longer accepting books at our office, please send them DIRECT to prison libraries.

  If you know about prisons that allow prisoners to receive books please EMAIL us with the information and we will include it here. We appreciate all your feedback on this page.

Any libraries, schools, private organizations, or business that would like to donate books to our book drive are encouraged to do so by mailing them DIRECT to prison libraries!

When using the POSTAL SERVICE to mail books, mention that they are BOOKS and you'll get the reduced BOOK RATE for postage!

Prisons That Need Your Book

ASPC- Yuma - Please go to the following links for information to send books



William S. Key Corrections Center
P O Box 61
Fort Supply, OK 73841
Attn: Ms. Stafford, Liberian

Arizona State Prison Complex - Yuma

Cibola Unit
P O Box 8820
San Luis, AZ 85349

Aide Lugo/Librarian

(928) 627-8871 ext. 17262 alugo@azcorrections.gov

*New and used books and magazines are welcome

Mr. Mike Schierbrock

Associate Warden of Treatment
Iowa State Penitentiary
P O Box 316
#3 John Bennett Drive
Ft Madison, IA 52627
319-372-5432 EXT 349

New and used books and magazines are welcome; softcover preferred.

Attn: Archie Brown
McPherson Correctional Facility
302 Warenhut Way
Newport Arkansas 72112

Florida State Prison
P.O. Box 181
Starke Florida 32091

New books must be sent in with an approved permit first! Please contact the prisoner you are sending to or the prison for more information.

Union Correctional Institute
P.O. Box 221
Raiford Florida 32083
(Attn: Librarian)

Madison Correctional Inst.
P.O. Box 692
Madison Florida 32341

Hardee Correctional Institute
6901 S.R. 62
Bowling Green Florida 33834

This facility, requires that any book or magazine be sent through the U.S. Mail.. They do not accept books from U.P.S. or FED-EX Books only from Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.

Hardee Correctional will return anything not sent by U.S. Mail, and inmates will not be notified.

Indiana Department of Corrections
Branchville Training Center
P.O. Box 500
Tell City Indiana 47586

The prisoners are allowed to receive new and used books, but no more than 10 at a time please.

Send books (no hard covers please) to the prison library at:

St. Martin Parish Correctional Center
P.O. Box 247
St. Martinville Louisiana USA 70582 - ATTN: WARDEN

They are requesting books in Spanish too please!

If you are sending books to a prisoner direct, they must be new and come from a store.

Attn: Sabrina Coleman
Caddo Correctional Ctr.-Mental Health
1101 Forum Dr.
Shreveport Louisiana 71107

New books, Used books, paperback

Especially: Law, Education, Fiction and Religious, basically anything readable.

Gus Harrison Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 1888
Adrian Michigan 49221-7888

New books must be sent directly from the publisher or an approved vendor. Please check with prisoner or prison.

Attn: Maria Visconti
Macomb Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 480999
New Haven Michigan 48048

Please send all books (paperbacks and hard covers, fiction and non-fiction) to:
Erin Egan-OsBurn
DCS Library Coordinator
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services/Adult Parole
2nd Floor - 1313 Farnam
Omaha, Nebraska 68102

I appreciate all the books we have received through this program, and want to thank the donors for their efforts.

Nevada State Prison
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, Nevada 89301

This facility requires all books, or magazine publications, to come from either the Publishers, or Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble. No direct mail of books or magazines.

Wyoming Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 501
Attica New York 14011-0501

Write prison or prisoner for details.

Fishkill Correctional Facility Magen Rucker, LTA
P.O. Box 1245Suwannee Correctional Institution
Beacon, New York 12580 Main Unit Library

Prisoners are allowed to receive books and magazines. Write prison for details.

Attn: John Tipps, Librarian
8607 SE Flowermound Rd.
Lawton Oklahoma 73501

Attn: Mrs. Holman Suwannee
2500 Westgate main
Pendleton Oregon 97801

S.C.I. Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville Pennsylvania 17932

NO MAGAZINES ARE ALLOWED TO BE MAILED IN BY AN INDIVIDUAL, except through the bookstore or subscription.

Magazines must be new and mailed in by the place you purchase them (magazine subscriptions make great gifts for prisoners). Books must be new and from the distributor, such as Amazon.com

McCormick Correctional Institution
Route 2, Box 100
McCormick, South Carolina 29835

Does NOT accept magazines mailed from a private citizen. Only accepts donations mailed directly from the publishers.

P.O. Box 9000
Seagoville Texas USA 75159-9000

Mail your paper back books and magazines in a paper envelope (NO BOXES ALLOWED) to this prison. They may be used or new, but have to be paperbacks and magazines only! New hardcover books need to come directly from the bookstore only.

The Estelle High Security Unit in Huntsville, Texas 77320 does allow books from your local book store,they must be new and mailed from the store and they maybe sent directly to the inmate, magazines can be sent the same way but it is easier to order a subscription from the publisher.

RT. 1 BOX 150

allowed to have books and receive them, that is one of the largest institutions in Texas, is the largest over 4,000 men.

Julia Schneider, Senior Librarian
The Xena Society
Box 344
Hanford California 93232

Need: mystery, romance, horror and self-help books (They collect books for prisoners)

Kimberly English-Caldera/Law Librarian Officer
Joe Smith/Waden
Joe Corley Detention Facility 5
500 Hilbig St Conroe TX 77301

Please send books with Series if you have them

Magen Rucker, LTA
Suwannee Correctional Institution
Main Unit Library
5960 US Highway 90
LiveOak FL 32060
Office 963-6295

If you know about a PRISON'S Policy on books being mailed, please tell us!

SEND US any information you have and we will post it on the site for everyone.

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